Bristol recently hosted a half marathon, a traditional event for the athletics world. Runner Omar Ahmed became its winner – and was very happy at the finish. True, it soon turned out that he was wrong. Ahmed registered for the 10 km race, which was held at the same time and place. The athletes started together, but those who ran 10 kilometers had to turn off at some point. Ahmed, meanwhile, slipped into the group of half-marathon runners and took the wrong turn. Despite the fact that Ahmed walked around the athlete who was running after him by 4 minutes and in fact won the longer race, his result was still canceled.
The athlete ran a half marathon with a result of 63 minutes but was disqualified. As a result, after revising the results of the race, Chris Thompson became the winner, who completed the distance in 67 minutes.
During the proceedings, it turned out that Ahmed confused the tracks at a key point, where they diverged by two distances. The organizers called Ahmed’s result impressive and wished him good luck next year, but there are rules – the athlete was disqualified. However,the half marathon director decided to reward the athlete with free participation in the next race in Manchester.