Evia started running in the third grade and ran her first marathon at the age of 18. Her tracks, however, have long extended beyond the borders of Latvia – until now she has not run only in Australia and Latin America.
She learned about the marathon in Antarctica 11 years ago. One of the main obstacles was the impressive fee – just for participation you need to pay 18,000 dollars, and together with flights and equipment costs reach almost 30,000. To raise money for participation, Evia lived and worked in Norway for two years.
Due to the weather, flights to Antarctica were canceled several times, and if it was originally planned that the trip could be carried out with only one test for Covid-19, then in the end, due to growing security measures, it had to be done 11 times. In other years, at least one day was allocated for acclimatization, but this time – only a few hours. Before that, Evia asked the participants of the marathon of previous years what to prepare for.
In total, 62 participants took part in the marathon, Evia was the first in the women’s conference. Moreover, she improved the track record set eight years ago by a few minutes.

Source: indianexpress.com