That’s the name of a city in Greece. It is located about 40 km from the capital Athens. Around 2500 years ago, the Greeks fought the Persians in Marathon. The Greeks won the battle. The messenger sent to the capital to declare their win ran as fast as it could to deliver the message. When he arrived at his destination, he allegedly died of exhaustion. At least that’s what the ancient stories that surround this run tell. The distance of today’s races is also a little over 40 km and their name goes back to the events of that time.

In the first Olympic marathons, the route was 40 km long too. That changed when the London Olympics was held in 1908. The English princess wanted to watch the running race from the window of the royal palace. The runners started there. The goal was the Olympic Stadium. The distance was exactly 42.195 kilometers. If this distance is too far for you, you can run a half marathon (21.0975 kilometers) or a quarter one (10.5 km).

What are the most prestigious marathons for betting?

If you are passionate about this sport, do you know which races make the planet vibrate? Many races exist, but among the most well-known is the Olympic Games. In April, Two Oceans Marathons starts. The Paris Marathon which starts in January is also very favored. The Boston Marathon begins in April. You will be able to find many other prestigious events in the genre to which you can turn to place stakes.

Which sports betting site to use to bet on a marathon?

You must find a bookmaker: a legal or natural person who allows you to gamble on sporting events. Focus on the well-known bookmakers to first discover how online interfaces work and find stakes on marathons.
Acknowledgment with bookmakers’ pages will allow you to understand the overall functioning of the sites before focusing on the marathon. There are also such events with good odds on online casino sites or on sports betting sites. Subsequently, you can take an interest in the comparative platforms of bookmakers which will offer you a multitude of gambling offers and also a good way to interact with other Internet users.

How to improve your betting strategy?

Whether you are an amateur or a pro, to bet on sporting events, you must take into account certain parameters. To know about the runner’s form, in which country the running race is taking place, and the weather. In short, the more you know, the closer you will be to reality, as if you were there and putting yourself in the shoes of the runners. You have to choose a bookmaker who has good odds in order to know which stake can be the most beneficial for you. In short, be at the heart of the information!

What to take into account while betting?

Having entered a bookmaker’s site for the first time, a person finds himself in a new and incomprehensible world of unfamiliar numbers, abbreviations and specific designations. Getting into this area, a beginner makes a number of typical mistakes, because there are many stereotypes around the bookmaker that are misleading. When a person enters the world of running betting in search of quick money, having watched or read different success stories from millionaires about how they made their fortune in gambling, he is more likely to lose everything. The main rule of any professional is cold calculation. There is not the slightest hint of excitement in such a game. Before each bet its mathematical probability is calculated.