You should know that the main characteristics to keep in mind about a bookmaker is its legality. The most popular bookmaker may not be the best to choose. You should pay attention to the bonuses bookmakers offer, as they will help you maximize your winnings.

Once you have made the first selection, you should know that there is not really a worse or a better bookmaker. Some of them offer marathon events with excellent odds, and a multitude of possible stakes. You should also know that besides these previous elements, bookmakers are engaged in a battle to attract players and what better than bonuses? They can be with or without a deposit, and are extremely interesting in that they allow players to greatly increase the odds of winning.

What are the details of the competition?

One of the most crucial tips is knowing the details of the marathon you want to bet on. You have to be at the heart of the information and have all the possible data: date, place of the competition, duration, history of the marathon, route that the athletes will have to follow, the form of the athletes and their recent performances. Each of its information has its role to play.
In the case of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, you need to have as much information as possible about the marathon athletes. Taking into account their history, their previous performances, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the weather forecast for the period in which the competition will take place, you will be able to predict the possible results and place the bets.

What are the types of marathon bets?

Compared to other sports such as football or handball, gambling on the marathon is not well represented in the bookmakers’ sites. This is still a new activity in many countries.
As with other types of bets, you should set a fixed budget that should not be exceeded, so as not to go overboard. Then, knowing that the outcome of this discipline is essentially based on the individual skills of the athletes, here is an overview of the stakes accepted:

  • The winner of the marathon: this is classic gambling, the best known but not necessarily the most obvious.
  • The leading trio: it consists of placing a stake on the performance of the athletes who occupy the first three places in the final classification.
  • Tournament record: As the name suggests, this is about whether or not the record for this competition is broken.
  • Live betting: during the course of the event, you can also bet on a specific event. As we know, this is advantageous because you follow the evolution of the competition, and it is easier to get an idea of ​​the end result based on live.

One of the specifics of online athletics gambling in general is that the odds given to the athletes are very high, even if they are the favorites of the event. This is much more than in any other sporting discipline. So don’t be surprised to see odds fluctuate between 3 and 4, or even more. This is a very important aspect to keep the players motivated.

What is also important to consider?

A young player must make a certain decision for himself: Why did he come to the bookmaker’s office? For fun or to earn money regularly? The player can get his dividends in any of these types: positive emotions or financial gain. But, before making the first stake, it is important to be prepared for losses, if you treat bets as entertainment, so that the game does not overwhelm with excitement.